Why to Buy the Grass Turf



A sod is grass bought and installed on  piece of land other than the one it was sowed. At times, the turf has some benefits over the grass seeding. Homeowners who have healthy grass seeding will not find the need for sod. They are grown in gardens that are purely devoted to production of this type of grass. It is then packed for transportation after harvesting. The buyer or the owner of the home where the sod is taken ought to have prepared the lawn in advance before harvesting is done. This turf is then planted on the piece of land creating an instant lawn.  It is harvested in rectangular blocks which are about two feet wide. These sod blocks are then packed in the vehicles for transport.

The owner of the turf has to take care of the sod after installation to facilitate establishment of the same with the subsoil. To encourage the growth of the roots in the subsoil, there is a need to irrigate.  Most people love the sod due to the speed with which it establishes itself. The Boise sod comes in a dense grass network that looks lively. There is no need to wait until grass develops progressively. Within a day, you have healthy lawn on your land. It is necessary that you irrigate the same so that it can become part of the land.

A sod can be installed at any time of the year. In contrast to grass seeding which can wither in droughts, the dense grass is already established. The fact that you irrigation is not done from germination to maturity makes it an easier option. The grass is very healthy since it has received the highest level of care when on the farm.  Visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_7333489_prepare-old-lawns-new-sod.html and know more about SOD.

The sod is an easy way to address erosion is sloppy regions. You can stop erosion on a piece of land that cannot hold soil firmly. The subsoil will be hand firmly by the dense root network of the turf.

It is quick way to deal with bare grounds. If you have a piece of land that does not support ease growth of grass, a sod can solve your problem. In fact you don’t have to bear with muddy lawns before grass grows in you yard. The sod is delivered when interacting and beautiful. You get an instant and immediate dense green yard.

The  turf makes it easy for you to deal with the issue of weeds on the yard. The lawns glamour diminishes when there is overgrowth of weed. It takes you a lot of time and application of herbicide which are costly in the long run. The sods do not have weeds on them. Know about the Boise sod prices here!